Condor Construction Partners

Brian and Heather

Brian Denis


i have been in the residential and commercial markets for over 20 years. this has afforded me the privilege of learning from some amazing people and has provided me the experience of navigating and resolving the challenges of construction.

atlanta, georgia served as the hub for my career until the middle of 2020 when i accepted an opportunity to relocate to chattanooga with a regional custom home builder to open their newest location. at the time, i was operating condor construction partners, in atlanta, where heather and i would spend the next 6 months preparing for this major transition.

after nearly 2 years of immersion in the chattanooga market, i determined that we were best suited to re-launch condor construction partners, where we could best utilize our gifts and talents to serve clients.

initially, in 2018, i decided to open condor construction partners with my wife, after we had such fun building our personal home and seeing that it was so well received.

since then we have striven to maintain a transparent and positive experience with each client. we do so through clear communication, setting proper expectations, and promoting exceptional building practices. we value our team of trade partners who share the same positive and transparent principles. this allows us to build meaningful, consistent, and fulfilling relationships.

faith and family are where my priorities lie. after that i love exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. from hiking with my wife, to cheering on my daughter in her horseback riding, to racing enduro mountain bikes with my son, i am very grateful for all chattanooga has to offer and all we’ve been blessed with as a family.

we’d love your consideration to partner with you on your next venture and see what we can come up with!

thank you for your time,


Heather Denis


with 20+ years of interior design experience in commercial and residential interior design, it’s my pleasure to offer my strengths to the team and see how we can help capture your vision. i value honest, timeless design that reflects the style or personality of each client while honoring the structure and place of the project.

i have been fortunate to have worked within many aspects of the design industry. corporate design was my initial endeavor, where i spent time writing specifications and bringing interior and exterior spaces to life in accordance with the client’s requests and vision. custom home building would be my next venture, where i worked with a small team in the elite niche of multi-million-dollar speculative homes. i was fascinated by the level of craftsmanship and utilization of specialty materials; these experiences continue to inspire me and help inform my projects. after having children, i made the difficult decision to focus on raising them at home, which would lead me to form madenew, my own design company.

as madenew, i served individuals and corporations thru design, furniture and art selection, as well as aiding in project management to help ensure the success of the project. madenew also allowed brian and I to begin to work together by refurbishing and building furniture on the side. after building our personal house together in 2015, we decided to start building homes on our own as condor construction partners. in turn, madenew moved to support condor construction, and together we focused on providing a turn-key solution thru the process of building and designing new homes and existing spaces.

design is part of who I was created to be. it is an honor and joy to share that with our clients.



home: Ooltewah, TN
home town: marietta, ga
college: western carolina university
married: 20 years
experience: 40 years
dependents: 2 kids & 3 dogs